This is the Practica privacy policy, and explains the kinds of data we collect and why we do it

We collect data from and about our users for two main reasons:

  • to see how people are using the app, so we can make improvements, identify and fix issues, and develop new features
  • to enable us to show advertising and keep the app free

We collect and use personal data only where we have lawful grounds for doing so, and we take your data protection seriously. The next part of this policy outlines what technologies we use, and the data that they collect. These services use anonymous data, meaning the information doesn't identify an individual.

Analytics data

We use Crashlytics to collect anonymous statistical information and crash reports from the app, and these provide us with an unique identifier (so we can see where issues are affecting different people or the same user) as well as technical information about the device, such as its model, software version etc. This helps us to identify problems that only happen in certain situations, and to fix them more quickly.

We also use Google Analytics to give us insights into our userbase, so we have an idea of which countries our users are located in, their age ranges, the languages they use, etc. This helps us decide what to focus on when improving the app, such as adding translations. We also receive information about how people interact with the app and the features they use, which helps us to see what works and what doesn't, and where we can make changes or add new features.


This app is funded through advertising - we make use of Google AdMob and Google Analytics for Advertising. These services use a unique advertising identifier to provide advertising services across Google products, and you may see ads for our app on sites you visit (or ads for those sites in our app). This link outlines these services and what Google does with the data.

To see how Google uses your information, and to set your privacy options across all of Google's services (including whether you want to see personalized ads) we encourage you to view Google's privacy policy.