Learning an instrument, or perfecting your skills? Generate interesting and unique practice exercises, whatever your level


Explore scales, test your ear, and use the Guide to see how well you did. Flexible controls let you set things up to suit your process

Musical notes

Try something new! Explore tonal colors and musical ideas. Perform them yourself, or loop as a backing track for your own experiments

Artist's paintbrush

Inspiration in a box - countless melodic ideas at the touch of a button. Use in your own projects, or just see where they take you

Practica on a phone next to a pencil and notepad

A musical toolbox

Practica is an app designed to help you practice and create music, whatever your level and whatever you do. Generate unique exercises and challenges, explore different scales and train your ear - or just create music to listen to, experiment over, or use in your own creations.

A black and white photo of hands playing a piano


Generate simple or complex melodies, in a range of different scales at the touch of a button. Quickly slow down or speed up with two independent tempo settings, and use the metronome to improve your timing. Looping controls allow you to play or sing along, or take turns with the app - challenge your memory and performance skills!

Use the Guide to see what's playing, or set it to turn off and "hide the answers" for each new melody. Practica is designed to be flexible, so that whatever you need to practice, we can help!

Someone sitting on grass on a sunny day, holding an acoustic guitar and writing sheet music


With (maybe) infinite melodies, there's always something new to play. Whether you're challenging yourself with something you wouldn't normally think of, creating an accompaniment to try some things out, or looking for ideas for your own music, Practica has you covered.

(And of course, you're free to use anything the app comes up with, however you like - no copyrighted melodies here!)

Five people wearing headphones and having fun


Music should be for everyone! And it's our goal to make Practica open and useful to as many people as we can. Practica is designed with accessibility standards in mind, with features like screen reader integration to allow visually impaired users to make full use of the app.